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Resident Services

We at Key Property Management sincerely hope your stay in your property is a positive experience. 24/7 Support - Maintenance and payment concerns need not keep you up at night. Your Resident Dashboard gives you access to support for any matters related to your place. You can easily automate and split rent payments and access exclusive benefits.

Please contact us if you have any questions or needs regarding your residence or future plans. 

Resident Portal App

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Renters Insurance

Need to get covered? Get renters insurance in 90 seconds from Lemonade Insurance Agency. Policies start at $5/ month and offer $0 deductible options. Renters insurance protects your stuff including your laptop, jewelry, bike, art and other personal valuables. Already Insured? Lemonade will help you switch.

Lemonade Tenant Insurance

*This is NOT an endorsement for the Lemonade Insurance products or services. Key PM may receive monetary compensation on new policies.

Going for a Walk

Pet Application

We love pets at Key PM but not all our owner clients allow them. If you are applying for a property that permits pets we use a screening service to ensure the pet is fully registered and approved. If the pet is a service pet this is a requirement on approval to legally verify the validity.

Security Deposit Assistance

Depending on the results of a background check an applicant may be required to pay an higher deposit. Whether you need assistance with a higher deposit, or simply putting down the deposit to lease, we have teamed up with The Guarantors to offer security deposit assistance.

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