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Leasing Services

Need to lease your home and do not need full property management services?

50% of the first month's rent, per vacancy

Our full-service leasing services offering aims to embody our mission of reducing vacancy costs by incorporating on-demand showings, same-day application processing, and instant lease generation. Our service can list a property, show it, verify the applicant, sign a lease, handle the move-in inspection, and collect a security deposit. Leasing Service is 50% of the first month's rent or a minimum of $1000, whichever is greater.


Looking for full service property management instead?

Our Marketing

Maximum Exposure

We advertise and market on over 32 of the top rental sites online including the local MLS with over 12,000 licensed real estate agents. It will not be lost in the crowd due to our featured listing agreements with providers. Our vacancy rate is less than 1% and our properties lease within an average of 30 days

Our Inspection Process

Move Ins

We don't give your new tenant a key and a form to complete. All new residents are required to attend a move-in inspection at the property that is digitally recorded with photos and signed for. Our inspections are detailed and photographed using a 360-degree camera so all spaces of the home are covered.

Lease Generation

Lease Protection

You are better protected. When a tenant is selected after the background process, we automatically generate an electronic lease agreement that is curated for local and state laws. It is as easy as that.

Our Tenant Screening

Due Diligence

We don't just check a credit score. Our thorough background check includes criminal history, judgments, sexual predator database search, and eviction record check. We contact current or past landlords including verification of income. In fact, we go even further by querying the applicant's bank account to confirm the income they are reporting.

Owner Payments

Direct Deposit

Fast, secure, and easy ACH deposit to the property owner's bank account when the property is leased. Same-day detailed statements are posted to the owner's portal and emailed directly to you the owner upon leasing. We have aligned revenue goals, we only get paid when you do.

Ready to get started or have questions?

This unique service is for property owners who understand the importance of finding the right tenant and of having a comprehensive lease or rental agreement, but who want to manage the property themselves. 

Check out an overview of leasing services.

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