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Challenge: Turn his former home into a profitable investment without the headache


Anthony Charles had a problem when he couldn’t sell his home for what he wanted. Anthony reached out to Key Property Management to look into alternatives. Fortunately for Anthony he was in a position to profit monthly on his property.

Key Property Management was amazing from start to finish, they handled everything.

Anthony Charles


When Anthony gave us a call he started working with one of our top licensed and experienced property managers, Randy. Anthony was surprised by just how much Key PM provided for such a low management fee.


Anthony hadn’t considered a management company before since he had a vision of being able to lease and manage on his own. In fact, he already had his own handyman and cleaners. What Anthony hadn’t thought of was all the other aspects of leasing and managing what is now his investment property. He thought about what he needed to do to get the property ready to rent.


How was he going to advertise? How was he going to determine the best applicant? What if no one called? What about when he is with family or on vacation to address maintenance emergencies? How about rental payment accounting and HOA issues?


Anthony’s property leased within 3 days at a premium rate above others in the community because of Key PM’s advice. He has now had a solid tenant in the property for 12 months giving him a profit of over $18,000 after taxes, homeowners association dues and insurance.


Anthony has had such a great time with the process and how smooth Key Property Management has made it he is looking for additional properties. Key Property Management has referred him to some of the top real estate agents in the Las Vegas valley to locate other income producing properties. Through access to creative financing and top notch real estate services Anthony is on his way to becoming a real estate mogul.


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